Brightlife team - Alison Reid

Alison Reid

  • Consultant
  • Based in UK. Languages Spoken: English

An energetic and insightful coach and consultant with a particular interest in helping clients build their self-awareness and generate new choices.

Brightlife team - Alison Reid

“Right from the start of our work together, Alison helped me extend my horizons. She coached me in running successful experiments which have increased my impact with my team, my peers, and my management. Half-way through the engagement, my VP has already recognised the change and how it is improving the agility and motivation of his organisation in the middle of significant changes we have to address.”

Jan Schlosser, Head of Service Enablement, Technical Services, Cisco

Alison Reid is a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator specialising in helping her clients lead themselves, their people and their organisations from a place of self-understanding, authenticity and confidence. As a coach, she is at her best when building coaching relationships with leaders who are hungry to develop themselves and make a difference. As a consultant, she thrives on getting to the bottom of client needs and designing bespoke learning solutions which shift mindset and behaviour.

Skills and Style

Alison’s hallmark is her talent for asking great questions which help her clients generate insight and make new choices. She cares about her clients finding more effective ways of being and doing, and her coaching draws on an approach called ontological coaching which addresses your whole way of being, not just the actions you take. She is also known for her down-to-earth manner, her sense of humour and her intellect.


After graduating from Oxford in 1993, Alison’s career encompassed the arts, accountancy, and sales and marketing before finding a home in the field of coaching and development over a decade ago. Before joining Brightlife in 2011, her experience spanned FMCG, professional services, IT and the third sector, organisations including Procter & Gamble, PriceWaterhouseCoopers & VSO.

Alison is an Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of the Association for Coaching. She is also a certified practitioner of MBTI (Step I, Step II and Type Dynamics), Hogan, DiSC, Firo B and NLP.

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