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Claire Laughlin

  • Consultant
  • Based in USA. Languages: English

Claire is passionate about creating positive workplaces, helping people improve trust, clarity and connection in their communication and relationships while achieving the right results.

Brightlife team - Claire Laughlin

Core Skills and Style

Claire is a dynamic and engaging trainer and consultant who uses experiential and innovative methods to help teams and organizations achieve results together while building individual leadership potential, teaching positive communication habits, and enhancing trust among and between team members.


As an independent consultant and trainer with 20 years of diverse experience, Claire brings a passion for improving relationships, experience in management, and a relentless dedication to transformation to all of her work.

Claire started her career as a college and university communication instructor, and soon found her niche as an organizational trainer and consultant. She is fully committed to working with individuals, teams, and organizations as they learn and cultivate the habits and practices that make their organizational dynamics healthy and highly productive.

From Leadership Development to Communication Essentials to Project Management, Claire has a wide range of experience and has designed and taught dozens of topics and courses at over 60 organizations and at seven different colleges and universities in California. Claire has worked in a wide range of industries including healthcare, high tech, agriculture and education.

Personal Values

Claire believes that organizations thrive when individuals are encouraged to do and be their best. She values clear communication, credibility, integrity, and optimism and she strives to help individuals and teams build those habits while getting the right things done.

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Meet the Brightlife team

Meet the Brightlife team