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Ed Wareing

  • Consultant
  • Based in London, UK. Languages Spoken: English

As a qualified Executive Business Coach and Trainer with a background in psychology and acting, Ed has been focusing on personal impact and communication skills in every situation for the past 13 years.

Brightlife team - Ed Wareing

Core Skills and Style

Helping to improve people’s communication skills is a daily passion. Ed brings energy, curiosity and challenge to his coaching clients. Ed’s 13 years’ experience have given him insight into a wide range of occupations and cultures. With a background in psychology and acting he combines theory, insight and the ability to allow his clients to practise (where appropriate) communications in real time. This practice allows for immediate feedback and allows the client to practise new techniques in a supportive setting. This gives the client great confidence when they communicate in the future.

Ed’s areas of speciality include difficult communications, leadership and management, personal impact, confidence and presentation skills.

Clients have described sessions with Ed as ‘informal and fluid’, ‘a great level of challenge’, ‘brilliant practise’ and experienced him as ‘engaging’, ‘intuitive’, and ‘supportive’.


For the past 13 years Ed has been working globally delivering leadership and management courses focusing on communication in difficult situations and personal impact. He is a qualified Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 7) working with senior managers and leaders.

Personal Values

Ed gets a real kick out of helping his clients to see a new way to communicate. To do that he believes in being utterly present and curious with the people he works with. Ed brings energy and challenge to anything he does.

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