Brightlife team - Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson

  • Consultant
  • Based in UK. Languages Spoken: English

A perceptive, thoughtful coach, known for her deep listening skills and ability to achieve results through an intelligent, empathetic and gently probing approach.

Brightlife team - Jane Anderson

Core Skills and Style

Jane is skilled at bringing the best out of teams or individuals through her systematic, calm and thoughtful approach.

Whether Jane is coaching an individual or facilitating a larger group she is known for her ability to bring warmth, and an element of fun and creativity to the process.

Jane has been recognised by her clients as someone who has exceptional listening skills and provides a space for positive changes to take place.


Jane is a coach and team facilitator with over 20 years experience working with international businesses, national non-profit organisations and local authorities. She has extensive experience with clients from the retail sector, working to enhance customer service and sales. Jane has a proven track record of facilitating a variety of customer care teams to implement positive changes to systems and client experience.

Jane is a Certified European Coach, Certified Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Certified Facilitator in Lego Serious Play. Jane trained as a facilitator with the Industrial Society. In addition she has a BA (Hons) in American Literature, HNC in Business Studies (Distinction & prize winner ), CAM certificate in PR, Marketing and Advertising.

Personal Values

It matters hugely to Jane, that her work offers the highest value for money and provides individuals or teams with an enriching experience in which they can grow to be more effective in every area of their life.

Jane values integrity, straightforwardness, and likes to use a practical approach to coaching and achieving results. She is passionate about working with her clients to empower them to reach their goals and along the way, to achieve an enhanced sense of well-being.

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Meet the Brightlife team

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