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“The best money I’ve spent on team development”

Rick Hamilton, Vice President Services, Cisco

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Our Clients

Our Clients


  • “Working with Brightlife has been the single best use of coaching time I've encountered in my extensive experience of senior executive coaching. I was challenged to fundamentally explore my personal working style - who I am and what I do. My coach provided practical support and we worked together to understand how I can optimise my potential for maximum results."

    Kyle Whitehill, CEO, Vodafone Qatar
  • "Brightlife has worked with LloydsTSB over the past year, across our Finance, Strategy and Senior Executive functions and our Emerging Leader talent group, on communications and group dynamics skills. They have brought great energy and technical skill to our organisation, consistently receiving endorsements for being informative, motivational and charismatic."

    Nigel Bretton, Finance & Strategy Director, Lloyds TSB
  • "It’s like “time out” meeting and phoning you. I love the upbeat tempo, your focus, and the pace is great. I find our sessions refreshing and there is always something I take away from our conversations and give a try. Thanks for your help and support."

    Pauline Lamb, COO, Airways New Zealand
  • "My coach operates from a place of integrity, living her core values and beliefs, and was able to help me shift my understanding and perspective as I transition to a new career that is much more closely aligned with my own values. I am happier and more effective in my new role. The work we've done has been energising and calming, subtle and dramatic, fun and affirming."

    Sue Beddow - Vice President in global IT company
  • "Communicate Effectively is one of the most useful and enjoyable workshops I've attended, incorporating practical techniques and concepts used by great leaders drawn from many sources. The key material was presented, rehearsed and practised to maximise retention and confidence. I highly recommend it to anybody who wishes to communicate more powerfully."

    Communicate Effectively attendee
  • "I wanted to improve my Executive Presence and quick. I reached out to Brightlife, as they already coach our senior executives and come highly recommended. My coach got to the heart of my issues very quickly, coached me to uncover my limiting beliefs and gave me powerful strategies to achieve my goals. I am now extremely confident around Executives."

    Jay Sriskanthan, L&D Consultant, Cisco
  • "The best money I've spent on team development."

    Rick Hamilton, Vice President Services, Cisco
  • After working with Brightlife the difference in my career and personal life is amazing. We explore solutions to the real challenges I face in the workplace and I’ve noticed a step change in my own focus and motivation. Others have commented on my changed behaviours and performance, enabling me to be considered for new roles and opportunities."

    Simon Nurrish Executive Director, JPMorganChase

Our Clients

Our Clients

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