Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We work with leaders who are ready for change

Change in their self awareness, sense of purpose, authenticity, and readiness to lead transformational change.

Do you need your leaders to :

  • Lead and accelerate business growth?
  • Find new, more effective ways of doing things?
  • Inspire and engage their people?
  • Make a more powerful impact?

We live and work in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic environment and we know you need your leaders to step up to a context of change and challenge.

We provide bespoke development programmes which provide the environment for leaders to :

  • Understand who they are and their impact on others
  • Discover their authentic leadership style
  • Explore how to collaborate and engage with others effectively
  • Learn how to build and develop high performing teams with a positive, holistic culture
  • Explore how they can lead and accelerate change in their organisations
  • Access the latest thinking in neuroscience, creativity and innovation

We understand your organisation is unique so we have no intention of trying to sell you an ‘off the shelf’ programme. What we will do is take the time to get to know you and your business and understand the kind of leaders you need – now and in the future.

We’ll work in partnership with you to develop those leaders over time. We can help you identify and develop your talent, assist you with succession planning, and provide customised development to help your leaders develop the behaviours and culture needed in your organization.

What’s more, we‘re interested in leaders as people – whole human beings with the messy lives that come as part of the package. People don’t leave themselves at home when they come to work, so our interventions are holistic, promoting an integrated working life.

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Our Consultants

Brightlife has worked with LloydsTSB over the past year, across our Finance, Strategy and Senior Executive functions as well as with our Emerging Leader talent group, on communications and group dynamics skills. The Brightlife Team have brought great energy and technical skill to our organisation, consistently receiving endorsements for being informative, motivational and charismatic.

Nigel Bretton, Finance & Strategy Director, Lloyds TSB
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