Brightlife team - Dave Loewy

Dave Loewy

  • Consultant
  • Based in UK. Languages Spoken: English

Dave inspires people and organisations to identify and achieve success by combining personal and group coaching with training.

Brightlife team - Dave Loewy

Core Skills and Style

Dave is experienced at helping people and organisations to work out what they want to do and how best to do it.

Dave’s clients find that he builds strong, empathic relationships in a fun way through challenging questioning and deep listening. As a result, his clients are motivated to build on their strengths and connect with what truly matters to them in order to achieve transformational, long-term change.

Working with Dave will challenge you to look at your business, your work and your life in new ways and discover creative new approaches to achieving success.


Dave has worked with leaders in successful businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to world-spanning, market leading, high-technology companies. His clients come primarily from the IT, Financial, Pharmaceutical and Public sectors.

Dave holds an MBA as well as a BSc in Electronics. He is a certified NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, has trained as a Time to Think Coach and Facilitator and is certified as a Lego Serious Play facilitator. He is a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute and the Association for Coaching.

Personal Values

Respect and consideration for people is very high in the list of values that inspire Dave to deliver the best possible results for the clients with whom he works. This drive, plus his unquenchable thirst for deeper understanding of what enables people to be fulfilled in their work, ensures that you and your business will be able to make rapid strides towards achieving the success you really want.

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Meet the Brightlife team

Meet the Brightlife team